Successor is a BNHA fan zine celebrating the found family aspect and parental/mentor-mentee relationship — in various forms, from different perspectives, in any universe — between Yagi ‘All Might’ Toshinori and Midoriya ‘Deku’ Izuku (also more commonly known or referred to in the fandom as “DadMight”).

zine name

Initially a straightforward title used to define his newfound link with the young boy that he had chosen to pass One For All onto, the term ‘successor’ — throughout the course of the series — conjures images of warmth, pride, and joy for All Might, transforming the designation into a fond form of address when talking about Izuku.The name “Successor” was selected due to all the connotations that it entails:

  • Toshinori’s aforementioned bond with Izuku

  • Izuku’s position allowing him to view and love his hero as both Symbol and only human

  • the enduring stronger-than-blood connection capable of twisting fate

  • the constant reaffirmation of All Might’s choice as to the next Holder (and that he had chosen correctly)

  • how the lasting effect of this successorship reshapes hero society

  • and most importantly, how Midoriya and Yagi’s presence in each other’s lives changed each for the better and for good


What is a zine?
A zine is an unofficial fan-made publication compiling textual and visual contributions from fan creators.
Is this project for profit or for charity?
Funds will first be used to fulfill all orders and cover full bundles for each contributor as compensation. Half of the proceeds will then be donated to the chosen charity, and the remaining half shall be evenly divided among all contributors to further compensate them for their work.
Will there be any romantic relationships in this zine?
The focus will heavily be on the Found Family aspect and parental/mentor-mentee relationship between Yagi Toshinori and Midoriya Izuku, and as such the anthology shall maintain a general theme and will feature no romantic pairings that involve either of them. For these reasons, AUs involving All Might being Izuku’s biological father will not be featured in the zine.
Are AUs (Alternate Universe) and headcanons allowed in the anthology?
Yes! AU works [canon-divergence, alternate universes, crossovers, etc.] and headcanons are allowed, barring AUs where All Might is Izuku’s biological father (see above.)
I want to apply when Contributor Applications open! What should I be ready for at this time?
App Guidelines will be provided at a later date. For Page Artists and Writers, at least one (1) sample featuring Izuku and/or All Might will be required. If you have any work with an interaction between them, then you are strongly encouraged to submit those!
Will applicants be judged based on the content they create outside of the zine?
No. What you create and enjoy is your own business, what we involve in the zine is all that we are concerned with. We will not judge anyone based on the work they create outside of the zine project; we are judging based on the work you submit for the application and that work alone. Our only real restriction is we do not wish to work with people who harass or bully others online, as the Mod Team too does not condone harassment of any form.
We would like a positive, friendly community surrounding this project. Thank you for your understanding!For my portfolio, can I submit art/writing samples with ships in them?
Yes, you can, especially if they are your best works! Only the zine pieces themselves have to be gen. Though, please keep in mind that all samples that you submit for your application have to be SFW.

Meet the Mod Team

Zine Timeline

September 4th: Interest Check Opens
October 11th: Interest Check Closes
October 31st: Contributor Apps Open
December 16th: Contributor Apps Close
January 7th: Contributor Emails Sent
January 14th: Creation Period Begins/Deadline to Join
January 21st: Pitches Due
January 26th: Pitches Confirmed
February 21st: First Check-in
March 21st: Second Check-in
April 21st: Third Check-in
May 4th: Final Submissions (Soft Deadline)
May 14th: Final Submissions (Hard Deadline)
June 10th: Pre-Orders Open
July 15th: Pre-Orders Close
August-October: Production